Marine Freight Transportation

BBF offers cargo transportation by sea transport providing a complex of logistic services. Sea transportation is the most profitable way to transport raw materials or cargo for long distances, giving maximum guarantees of their safety en route. This type of transportation is suitable for the transportation of virtually any type of cargo: from bulk and liquid, gaseous cargo to industrial equipment.


The main advantages of container transportation:

Standardization: all types of containers in all countries have a uniform systematization by volume, type and size, which ensure easiness of their overloading, regardless of the country of location.

Safety: materials used in containers manufacture guarantee reliable protection of cargo against precipitation and environmental impact during transportation. In addition, container sealing, after placement of cargo in it directly by the owner, is a guarantee of integrity of the transported raw materials or goods.

Reliability: cargo movement control by means of a variety of monitoring systems, including GPS, GLONASS, allows to track not only its location and safety, but also to control cargo temperature, as well as its possible deformation and other indicators at the client's request.

Efficiency: presence of a strictly defined procedure for cargo container transportation process minimizes possible downtime and unforeseen situations.


The main directions of cargo transportation are:

We offer the following types of containersfor cargo transportation:

The specialists of BBF are always ready to arrange the sea transportation of cargo at terms specified in advance and at favorable price, taking into account all the client's wishes.